We have outstanding technology

Our long-standing experience combined with innovativeness make the Logi boilers very easy and intuitive in use. They are fast in operation. Advanced solutions provide a lot of benefits to all of us, not only ecological but also economical ones.

Wood gasification process

Wood gasification is the best possible way to effectively use its energy. With lowest costs we can receive maximal energy.

Stage 1 – wood drying and gasification – 450°C

Stage 2 – burning of the wood gas with the secondary air- 560°C

Stage 3 – highest temperature – 1200°C

Stage 4 – exhaust fumes throw out – 150°C



Logi advantages

Logi touch

Modern and intuitive touch screen to operate the boiler and heating system. It is all about your comfort!

Large loading chamber

It extends burning process up to 12 hours when fully loaded. It is all about saving your time!

Sonda Lambda

Burning process is optimized and the highest standards regarding fumes emission are met. It is all about the clean air around you!

Logi desert

Advanced combustion chamber rotates the flame , letting the boiler reach its highest efficiency. It is all about you saving your money!

Air fan and the exhaust fan

To meet your requirements.

Type series

Various type series makes it possible to fit the boiler just right to your needs.


We always build the Logi boilers with great commitment and precision. Our experience and innovation provide you with a product that will never let you down.

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