Our mission

Is it possible to have economic but at the same time environmentally-friendly heating system? It seems impossible, however, such solutions can already be found on the market. These are the bi-omass boilers, i.e. ecologically renewable energy based technology. In the Logi boilers, we use the highly efficient wood gasification technology, so that we all can enjoy a cheap, ecological and clean heating source. Our main intent is to provide the customers with an alternative heating source, which will reduce the costs and will have a positive influence on the environment. The Logi boilers are an investment in our future.

Environment friendly warmth

Relax friendly warmth

Work friendly warmth

Fun friendly warmth

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Because of their high efficiency, the Logi boilers use the energy from each wooden piece in more than 92%. What’s more they are compliant with the requirements of the EN 303-5 emission norm and the Ecodesign. With all the above, it is very easy to care about the environment.

5th emission class and the Ecodesign


Fireplaces – 70%

Traditional boilers – 80%

Our boilers – 92%

Low CO emission

1500 mg/kWh – a utomobile CO emission according to the Euro 6 norm
97 mg/kWh – Logi 25KW CO emission

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